Vassily Brandt — 34 Orchestral Etudes for Trumpet — edited and engraved by Rich Willey


This is a new edition of “Doc” Reinhardt’s favorite etude book that he required for all his trumpet and trombone students.

The editing of this edition is about halfway between the minimal Vacchiano markings and the maximal Nagle markings.

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Written by Russian trumpeter, pedagogue, and composer Karl Wilhelm (Vasily Georgievich) Brandt (1869–1923), considered by many to be the founder of the Russian trumpet school, Brandt’s 34 Orchestral Etudes is important study material for the development of technique and artistry.

The late Dr. Donald S. “Doc” Reinhardt (1908–1989) loved Brandt’s 34 Orchestral Etudes  and required it of all his trumpet students. “Doc” Reinhardt, teacher of all the brass instruments, often stated that it was “the best etude book ever written,” and even jokingly quipped that it was “the best thing the Russians ever gave us.”

Here is a freshly engraved and slightly edited version based on the Vacchiano edition of this great trumpet book with GBC binding to keep it flat on your music stand and to prevent wearing out (like old-fashioned saddle-stitching eventually does). If you order Brandt’s 34 Orchestral Etudes  in PDF format you will be able to download it immediately after your order is processed.

By the way, Clyde Hunt has recorded this entire book . . .   Clyde Hunt CD info

View a Brandt 34 Orchestral Etudes for Trumpet sample page here

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