“Out of all the charts I’ve picked up from Rich, “Melancholy Baby”  is the sweetest of the bunch. Many of the others are for a featured vocalist and the arrangements don’t hold up as well for us so we’ve put them aside for when a singer is available. But “Melancholy Baby”  just stands up on its own, and with a great swagger. Thanks for that one. I’m thinking about making it our “closing tune” for the group. Thanks, Rich!”
ART FAHIE, Bar Mills, Maine

“Rich Willey studied Jazz Composition with me and I feel I’ve gotten to know him pretty well. I really enjoyed the charts he did for his Gone With The Piggies  CD, his original Eyes All For You, based on the changes to Body and Soul and done as a waltz, Gone With the Wind and even Melancholy Baby!
MICHAEL ABENE, NY, faculty member at Manhattan School of Music

“Rich’s arrangements are thoughtful and swinging.”

“Rich displays originality, humor and a broad expanse of emotional depth in his writing and playing.”
— AL TRAINER, CAP records

“Rich Willey is a wonderful instrumentalist and jazz composer. Anything he puts on paper I trust 100%.” — CLAUDIO RODITI, Trumpeter, South Orange, NJ