Here are a few Rich Willey Videos from youtube:

YouTube video

From a performance of Funkload  at Isis Restaurant & Music Hall in Asheville, NC.

Rich Willey, trumpet
Alan Wyatt, tenor sax
Alex Taub, piano
Shannon Hoover, bass
Justin Watt, drums

The tune Funk Heap  written and arranged by Rich Willey, Ⓟ & Ⓒ Boptism Music 2016.

YouTube video

Terry Vosbein conducts the Knoxville Jazz Orchestra in 2011 playing his arrangements of music from Sweeney Todd.

Terry designed this arrangement to feature Rich playing the trumpet solo. When the KJO performed this in Knoxville, TN, Carl “Doc” Severinsen was sitting in the audience oblivious to how nervous the entire trumpet section was in his presence.

YouTube video

This was near the end of a grueling live 2009 concert comprised of about two hours of challenging material arranged by Terry Vosbein.

The lengthy trumpet solo that you will hear Rich play was actually in the book of a fellow exhausted trumpet player who handed the part to Rich just before Terry counted it off, so you are hearing Rich sight-reading these chord changes while pushing the limits of his endurance.

YouTube video

Terry Vosbein’s jazz arrangement of Charles Trenet’s “Menilmontant”

From 2016, a live performance in Lexington, VA, of Vosbein’s jazz nonet arrangement on the CD La Chanson Française. Tom Artwick—alto sax, Don Aliquo—bari sax, Chris Magee & Rich Willey—trumpet, Tom Lundberg & Rick Simerly—trombone, Tony Nalker—piano, Rusty Holloway—contrabass, and Keith Brown—dru

YouTube video

“Tú Verás” from the movie La Época II — ‘The Lost Rhythms in Salsa’

Rich plays a bass trumpet solo starting around 3:40.

Films La Epoca  and La Época II — ‘The Lost Rhythms in Salsa’ produced and music written by Josué Joseph.

YouTube video

Eve Haslam & Satin Steel Jazz: Shadows Fall (by Herb Haslam)

Eve Haslam & Satin Steel Jazz recording session, 2/2012 at Big Creek Recording, NC.

Composed by Herb Haslam, Eve Haslam on vocal, Brian Felix on piano, Rich Willey on trumpet, Zack Page on bass, Justin Watt on drums, Taylor Hellhake videographer,
produced and engineered by Bruce Lang.

YouTube video

Salsa-Grammy award-winning song “Vale Mas” from the movie Part I “La Epoca — The Palladium Era” — rhythm Guajira-Son — written and produced by Josué Joseph featuring Palladium-era bassist “Alfonso El Panameno” and Raquel-Maria Fe — a family production.

YouTube video

Russ Wilson on vocals with Rich on trumpet and bass trumpet, Jacob Rodriguez on tenor sax, Nathan Hefner on piano, Zack Page on bass and Justin Watt on drums. At the Isis Restaurant and Music Hall in Asheville, NC, March 31, 2013.

This is Cab Calloway’s Minnie The Moocher.

More Rich Willey videos will be posted as they surface.