2. Eight Free Clark Terry / Bob Brookmeyer Quintet Charts

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Clark Terry and Bob Brookmeyer made those great recordings sound easy, but those charts were actually hard to play!

Rich meticulously transcribed eight of those famous Clark Terry/Bob Brookmeyer charts that are yours here as a free download for educational purposes only.



These are not for sale, and are intended for educational purposes only.

In 2015 Rich was asked to put together a set of Clark Terry/Bob Brookmeyer Quintet charts for a tribute concert in Asheville, NC. Rick Simerly played the trombone parts and Rich attempted to play the trumpet parts. Everybody in the band found out that night that Clark Terry and Bob Brookmeyer made those charts sound easy to play, and they absolutely were not easy to play.

These Clark Terry/Bob Brookmeyer charts are for Trumpet, Trombone, Piano, Bass and Drums, and include the following titles:
• A Simple Waltz • Battle Hymn of the Republic • Green Stamps • Hawg Jawz • Hum • Hymn • Sometime Ago • Weep

Listen to Hawg Jawz on YouTube

So if you want to give your jazz quintet a workout and a lesson in humility, here is the set of Clark Terry/Bob Brookmeyer Quintet charts, meticulously lifted and engraved, that was played that night in 2015.


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