Get Right To It! — for trombone by Rich Willey (PDF)

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How do you stay prepared to play any gig that pops up at the last minute? A grueling four hour gig after three days of no gigs? How on earth are you supposed to be prepared for that?

These workouts are designed to develop and improve embouchure readiness, mental preparedness, reading and key fluency in your ‘‘cash register’’ (and maybe even a little beyond).


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Get Right To It! — for trombone by Rich Willey. Workouts designed to develop and improve embouchure readiness, mental preparedness, reading and key fluency in your ‘‘cash register’’ (and maybe even a little beyond).

Cold entrances on gigs can be the nail in the coffin of one’s endurance (and confidence), so here is a dastardly collection of potentially devastating cold entrances.

Preparing the embouchure on trombone so that it’s never surprised is a challenge, and that is what this book attempts to address. Not only the physical aspect of constantly making demanding entrances, but the mental and musical aspects of doing this in all the keys with tricky rhythms galore.

If we only condition ourselves to be able to play endless long tones or some such type of drills and don’t exercise our minds and our musicianship at the same time, we may tend to tense up in a gig situation where we’re expected to play demanding and/or unfamiliar material.

The two octaves between trombone low B𝄬 and high B𝄬 have been referred to as the “cash register” because so much of our playing on commercial gigs tends to be in there. This book goes a little above and a little below that so we “go the extra mile” and have the opportunity to become fluent in that range span and a little more.

Some players get a lot of benefit from “hitting it hard” right out of the starting gate each day. This book will be right down their alley and they will begin making progress immediately.

Some players need to ease into the hard stuff, and this book can also be of great benefit if they approach it intelligently, taking small bites at first and gradually increasing the amount of punishment their chops can comfortably withstand.

This book is meant to give you the confidence and fortitude to not be terrified on the gig. If you can play your way through this book, there is very little that can be thrown at you on the bandstand that will trip you up.

The hard-copy edition of Get Right To It!  is 50 printed pages, GBC comb bound, heavy-duty 10ml mylar cover, high quality paper, made to last as long as it takes for you to kick ass on every gig that comes your way.

If you order this PDF version of Get Right To It! — you will be able to download it immediately after your order is processed.


Testimonial from Cam Millar, trombonist from Maryland:
Hello Rich,
Having just received your book ‘Get Right To It’ for trombone, all I can say is….. “ass has been kicked!”
Great book! I’ve always considered myself to be a very strong sight-reader, but your book has to be the best resource yet.
There are many other things I like to pull out to practice sight-reading, such as various books published by Charles Colin publishing over the years and a bunch of others. But your book really does what it says.
The ‘obtuse-ness’ of the lines and the constant changing of keys within keys forces one to really focus. Wow.
Thanks for this great resource, and I’ll be telling some trumpet friends I work with about it for sure.