Guiseppe Concone: Fifteen Vocalises Op. 12, “Finishing Studies for High Voice” adapted for Trombone by Rich Willey (PDF)


Would you like to have as glorious a sound in your upper register as you do in your middle and lower registers?

Guiseppe Concone’s 15 Vocalises Opus 12, Finishing Studies for High Voice will help develop smoother upper register facility for trombone players.

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Guiseppe Concone: Fifteen Vocalises Op. 12, “Finishing Studies for High Voice” adapted for Trombone by Rich Willey brings the brilliance and beauty of Concone’s Fifteen Vocalises Opus 12  to the trombone world.

These studies are ideal for developing a smooth and controlled upper register and to help meet the constantly increasing demands of today’s trombone literature. Written for the soprano voice over a hundred and fifty years ago, these are finally available to take today’s trombone players to the next level.

Like no other book on the market, this collection will help you get comfortable playing higher prettier and better. Combining the lyrical nature of these studies with a higher tessitura* than you’ll see in most other etude books, your playing will improve in leaps and bounds in no time.

Fine legato playing is widely regarded as one of the best means of developing tone and real endurance on the trombone. Concone’s studies have long been considered among the best to do just that, and with the release of this volume you don’t have to just do it in the lower and middle registers anymore.

Here’s what Rich wrote on the first page of this new book:

Finishing Studies for High Voice is now adapted for trombone, something that up to this point, surprisingly, had yet to be done. Many Concone exercises have been presented in various books for trombone players through the years, but in lower and “easier” keys. Now this full set of fifteen Finishing Studies for High Voice  can be played on trombone using the original piano accompaniments. In an age of increasing range demands upon trombone players, this volume is an essential addition to trombone literature. Unlike most of the popular etude books available, this book is intended to get trombone players playing more tastefully, in a singing style, in their higher registers.”

When you order Concone’s Fifteen Vocalises in PDF format you’ll be able to download it immediately upon submission of your order.

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Testimonials from trumpet players (eight years before this trombone edition appeared)

“My good friend Rich Willey has put together an invaluable collection of well known Concone exercises in the soprano range. He has annotated these selections with appropriate comments to guide trumpet players toward improved skills at lyrical upper register playing. Thank you Rich for this new compilation! This makes a wonderful addition to my etude library and I am enjoying playing these vocalises.”
— Tom Hooten, Principal Trumpet, L.A. Philharmonic

“Every trumpet player can benefit from these studies, from early training throughout a professional career. They address so many issues on so many levels, not the least of which being development of a fluid upper register. I highly recommend this long overdue addition to our trumpet literature.”
— Don Owen, Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida, School of Music

*Tessitura is defined as the prevailing range of an instrumental work within which most of the tones lie.


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