If I Should Lose You by Ralph Rainger/Leo Robin ♫ 🎺 arranged for Vocalist + Septet by Rich Willey


Did you know that Charlie Parker plucked this beautiful tune from obscurity (from the 1936 Hollywood flop Rose of the Rancho) and made it a great jazz standard in 1949 on his April In Paris album with strings?

This hard-swinging and rather challenging arrangement will make your ensemble sound great, too!


If I Should Lose You  by Robin & Rainger ♫ 🎺 Vocalist + Quintet, arranged by Rich Willey.

A hard-swinging arrangement of this great old standard by Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger. Attention-grabbing intro before trumpet or vocalist pickup. Melody is arranged once at the beginning with a completely different second melody arrangement for the out-chorus. There is a full-chorus soli section that can be inserted between soloists or omitted if your ensemble finds it to be too challenging to play (listen to sound clip ♫ below).

Septet parts are for trumpet (🎺 = trumpet player can either play or sing the melody), alto sax, tenor sax, trombone, piano/guitar, bass and drums, and come in a PDF that you’ll be able to download immediately upon submission of your order.

106 written measures, tempo is ♩ = 148, difficulty level is advanced (challenging chord changes and inner parts on the soli section).

Trumpeter has a choice to play or sing the melody the first melody arrangement.

If I Should Lose You  melody and lyrics:  If I Should Lose You Vocal / Free PDF

♫ Here is Rich playing all four horn parts: 1) trumpet, 2) trumpet, 3) bass trumpet, 4) bass trumpet:

♫ Here is the same recording with vocals replacing the trumpet melody at the beginning:

Written solos for any of our charts may be special ordered at a reasonable cost. Email us through our contact page with any and all inquiries.


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