Over The Waves Medley ♫ arranged by Rich Willey


Even though this is being called “Over The Waves” Medley, that melody doesn’t actually occur in this medley; just the chord changes.

This seamlessly strings together Bill Bailey (Please Come Home), Bourbon Street Parade  and Washington & Lee Swing.


Even though this is being called Over The Waves Medley, that’s the only melody over those chords that doesn’t actually occur in this medley (although it is quoted briefly in the first solo ☺ in the sound clip below). The chord changes for all three of the tunes in the medley do, however, come from Over The Waves  (Bill Bailey (Won’t You Please Come Home), Bourbon Street Parade  and Washington & Lee Swing ).

This arrangement is 132 written measures and begins with the seldom-played verse to Bill Bailey followed by the melody. There is an open solo section next followed by a modulation to the well-known fanfare to signal the start of Bourbon Street Parade. After that melody and a second open solo section it modulates into the Washington & Lee Swing and ends at the end of that melody. Intermediate level of difficulty—any good high school-level group ought to be able to pull this off with no problem.

The parts come as a PDF that you’ll be able to download immediately upon submission of your order.

★ Playable by Brass Quintet: Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2, French Horn 3, Trombone 4, Tuba 5, add drums (optional).
★ Playable by “Trad Jazz” Band: Trumpet 1, Trumpet or Clarinet 2, Alto or Tenor Sax 3, Trombone or Tenor Sax 4 and Tuba 5. Add drums and banjo or piano using chords symbols and roadmaps from Tuba part.

Written solos for any of our charts may be special ordered at a reasonable cost. Email us through our contact page with any and all inquiries.

Here’s Rich in his digital recording studio with Russ Wilson on drums and Henry Westmoreland on tuba:


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