Reinhardt for Beginners for Trumpet, Cornet or Flugelhorn, by Donald S. Reinhardt (PDF)


Published briefly in 1942 and now in print again, Donald S. “Doc” Reinhardt’s original Trumpet beginner’s book is back!

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Published briefly beginning in 1942 and now in print again after nearly 70 years, Donald S. Reinhardt’s original Trumpet and Trombone method books are back!

A meticulous man, a perfectionist, and a tireless researcher, “Doc” Reinhardt (who later became known for his Pivot System) pulled these books from the market soon after their release in 1942. To this day, nobody else can see why he did that, so with the help of Doc’s heiress, his daughter Gloria, the brass world is now blessed with the return of this solid method book.

Originally aimed at beginners, this book walks you through the various stages of development from beginning to intermediate players.

Comprised of mostly exercises and etudes with very little text (compared to Doc’s later works), this book is a welcome addition to the libraries of brass players and brass teachers everywhere.

Here’s your chance at last to meet this time-honored giant in your practice room.

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