Rhythm Madness for trombone & all 𝄢 bass clef instruments by Rich Willey (PDF)


Do you want to be that annoying person who always misses rhythms and rests when sight reading in an ensemble, or the person who nails every tricky rhythm and is looked up to and admired by other musicians?

Rhythm Madness  will whip your reading skills into shape like nothing else on the market! (This is a no-brainer.)

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Rhythm Madness  for trombone and all bass clef instruments by Rich Willey,

Rhythm Madness  — a swing-and-rock-rhythms-in-all-keys workout with a special emphasis on reading rests for trumpet and all treble clef instruments by Rich Willey. A massive swing-and-rock-rhythms workout with emphasis on reading rhythms, rests, keys and articulations.

Perfect for sight-reading syncopations and “tricky” rhythms. Starts easy and gradually gets more difficult.

Rhythm Madness  is 113 pages of sometimes excruciatingly difficult but always melodic rhythmic phrases and etudes.

Includes a “quick” warm-up for trombone that gets you ready to plow into this book.

Text throughout gives tips, hints, and food for thought about improving performance and improving sight reading of seemingly difficult rhythms while becoming a better player. Foreword by Michael Anderson.

Click here for the hard-copy version of this book, which is GBC comb-bound and includes a “quick” warm-up for trombone that gets you ready to plow into this in-depth exploration of rhythms guaranteed to be extremely helpful to a broad cross-section of the trombone-playing population.

Part One is 36 pages of four-bar swing-rhythm (eighth-note-based) phrases in all twelve keys followed by 6 swing-rhythm etudes in the first six keys.

Rhythm Madness Part one Sample Page

Part Two is 64 pages of four-bar rock/Latin-rhythm (sixteenth-note-based) phrases in all twelve keys followed by 6 rock/Latin-rhythm etudes in the remaining six keys.

Rhythm Madness Part Two Sample Pages

If you order the PDF version of Rhythm Madness, you will be able to download it immediately after your order is processed.

Customer Comments

“Hey Rich, I bought your Rhythm Madness book about seven years ago while I was in high school and it turned me into a monster sight reader. All my reading chops I owe to you and that book so thank you! I just got hired as a high school band director in Washington state, and the jazz program isn’t exactly ‘happening.’ So a dream of mine is that all of my students have your book on their stands so we can all become monster sight readers from grade 9-12. I see that Rhythm Madness is only offered in treble clef? Is there a bass clef option at all so every instrument in the big band could use your book? Thank you so much!”
Dan D. Hendrick

“If you have not checked out Rich Willey’s book Rhythm Madness, you’re missing out. This is the best put together sight reading book I’ve ever seen. Not only are the exercises challenging they make harmonic sense and are written in all keys. You can use it with students playing parallel harmony or trading lines. The swing exercises are great and the 16th lines will make you cuss. This book is also great for practicing lines 8va because most of the lines are 8 measures long. Not only are the exercises challenging you will enjoy playing them. I’m thoroughly impressed with Rich’s writing and this book is a must have for any musician’s library.”

Rhythm Madness is an excellent practice book. It covers two broad categories of difficult sight reading: swing and Latin/rock. It puts you through all twelve key signatures for each exercise and includes a set of etudes, one in each key signature, in each style. Its main point is to improve the ability to accurately sight read rests, but in the process the players gets to hear and play a wide variety of useful patterns. Getting these patterns into one’s ears, tongue and fingers is a big help in adding rhythmic variety to one’s improvisations. Just as practicing intervals does two things — improves technical accuracy and develops a knowledge of how the intervals sound in context — this book improves reading accuracy and develops a rhythm vocabulary that can be used to expand the variety of your improvisations. I like Rich’s stuff in general. I’ve been using Rhythm Madness for about a year and half now and it is one of my favorites.”
— TOMMY TAYLOR, Deep East Texas

“I haven’t given Rich’s Rhythm Madness book the attention it deserves, but everything I’ve looked at (and attempted) so far out of it have really helped me identify some real deficiencies in my playing. I need to block more time out to work with the book, but I just wanted to say that I thought my sight-reading was pretty good until I got hold of this book. I recommend it, and (frankly) all of Rich’s other books . . . great stuff.”

“I really hate Rich Willey’s Rhythm Madness because it is making me work too hard! It is condescending, it makes fun of me, and it taunts me day and night. In short, Rich is a genius. If you want to be prepared for the rigors of studio work or seriously challenging yourself, this book is the answer to your prayers.”
— MARK SCHWARTZ, trumpet, Phoenix AZ

“Soon after Scale Force was finished, I was thrilled to hear that Rich was going back to work on a jazz/rock/Latin rhythm method book. I became even more excited when he sent me some samples to try with my students. Not only is Rhythm Madness a unique addition to the trumpet pedagogical books on the market, it’s really fun to work out of. We worked through many of the patterns as a class with the metronome playing funky beats and I could tell right away that Rich’s concept for this book was going to work well. The final product is exhaustive, extremely challenging and, above all, a real blast! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!”
— From the Foreword by MICHAEL ANDERSON, Associate Professor of Trumpet at the Bass School of Music at Oklahoma City University

“I can play notes, it’s the rests that kill me. There’s nothing worse than subbing in a band and playing in the ‘holes.’ Rhythm Madness is an outstanding book for improving sight reading for jazz, rock and Latin music. I’ve not seen anything like it, but it’s a hugely necessary book for the modern player. If you’re like me and would really like to improve your sight reading and chances of getting called back, I recommend buying a copy.”

“Rich handed me a sneak preview of Rhythm Madness the other night at our big band gig. As I leafed through it, looking at the licks and etudes—sight singing some of them—I was giggling at how evil some of the rhythmic complexities are. But that didn’t compare to when I sat down with the book yesterday with my horn. It’s not often I get my keister handed to me reading rhythmic etudes but this book rocks! It could be easily used by players at any level (starting out slowly with a metronome as suggested, or fast for advanced players) and will greatly task your reading skills. For yourself or your studio, this book is great for swing and rock/funk/Latin rhythm skills!”


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