Scale Force for trumpet and all 𝄞 treble clef instruments by Rich Willey (PDF)


Are you really  fluent in the following scales in all twelve keys? • major • harmonic minor • whole tone • whole/half diminished • half/whole diminished • all seven modes of the major scale • all seven modes of the ascending melodic minor scale. 🙂

If you answered “no,” you need this book. It’s just that simple.

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Scale Force  — a tour de force designed to increase technique, key fluency, harmonic comprehension and overall musicianship — for trumpet and all treble clef instruments by Rich Willey.

Scale Force  has become a very popular scale workout plan for trumpet and among our top three all-time best-selling books.

It’s a huge, in-depth expansion of one of the scale studies in Rich’s Jazz Improv Materials Handbook Complete  in all twelve keys. Using the cycle of fourths to take you through all twelve keys, this works you thoroughly through the major, harmonic minor, whole tone, whole-step/half-step diminished and half-step/whole-step diminished scales by interval using all the intervals from thirds to sevenths. This book really makes sure you know your scales while providing an excellent embouchure, reading, and technical proficiency workout.This book also covers all seven modes of the major scale as well as all seven modes of the ascending melodic minor scale. You’ll never run out of scale practice material with this book.This book came about as a result of a request from Michael Anderson, associate professor of trumpet at the Wanda L. Bass School of Music at Oklahoma City University.

An outstanding scale workout plan for orchestral and commercial trumpet players alike, you really can’t go wrong if you “get with the program” clearly laid out for you in Scale Force.

Click here for the hard-copy version: 77 pages packed full of scale workouts that will keep you busy and learning for years. Includes a practice log to simplify the tracking of your progress and many, many suggestions for ways to improve your practice and playing habits. Beautifully printed on high-quality paper and GBC comb-bound with protective mylar outer covers.

If you order the PDF version of Scale Force, you will be able to download it immediately after your order is processed.

Customer Comments

“Hi Rich, I just wanted to thank you for Scale Force. What a great book! I have always taken page 125 of Arban’s and practiced it daily, extending it past where it is written until I top out. The page always left my chops feeling awesome and it really helped me in a lot of ways. I am practicing your book in the same way and getting the same great feeling in my chops. Although it is still to early for me to comment on the benefits it is sure nice to have some exercises other than p.125 that get me going. I am so looking forward to spending more time with your book. Nice work!” — Lionel Busch, Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

Scale Force  is a comeback player MUST….” — Tony Benton, Broken Arrow OK

“Rich Willey’s magnificent Scale Force  has several differences from [James] Klages’ routine, but most of all it goes into far greater depth and much more detail. Like looking through a microscope, where you see much, much more than you were had previously been aware of, by doing these scale studies with great care, you will probably experience/discover/hear many more things in your playing, tendencies that show up that you were unaware of. The benefits of this magnificent book are best experienced by going s-l-o-w-l-y…while keeping in mind that comment from Ray Crisara, about making the tone of “your absolute best second line G” apply to every note of this book.” — Richard Waddell, Jamaica Plain MA

“Hi Rich, my name is Dan Flores, and I am a new owner of your Scale Force  book. I want to tell you how much I am enjoying shedding out of this book. I have been looking for a complete series of scale studies for years, and I used to put together packets from different books to get all the modes and forms of scales. But, now I am so happy to see a book that not only contains all the forms and modes, but in all the intervals that one would encounter on any job. Again, bravo to you for putting this book in my library, and thanks so much for your diligent and very thoughtful work!” — Dan Flores, freelance trumpet artist, Wichita KS

[Before the book was released, Michael Anderson wrote the following:] “I’m very excited about this book [Scale Force]  and what it will do for me and my students. I’ve been using a tried and true scale routine introduced to me in graduate school by my teacher, Denny Schneider for all my years of teaching. This is a great routine for younger college and high school students and for upper classmen who don’t work very hard. 🙂 Not having any of those kind of upper classmen, I needed to find harder technical key work for those students. I really liked what I found in Rich’s Jazz Improv Materials Handbook Complete  and encouraged my students buy it. Because of the hefty price not too many did. Plus, the part of it that worked well also needed to be expanded to include scale studies on minors, whole tone and both diminished scales. So I convinced Rich to customize a book for my studio and I was really fortunate that Rich had time to do it and saw the value in it too. Rich worked his butt off on it this summer so it would be ready for my guys when the semester starts. I’m really tickled by it and can’t recommend it more highly. If you really want to bust your butt working through all the keys, Scale Force  is the bomb. Check it out!” — Michael Anderson, associate professor of trumpet, Wanda L. Bass School of Music, Oklahoma City University, OK

“I got Scale Force  recently and it’s chock full of excellent material for scale practice, not to mention the other technical benefits one will drive from practicing it. Good job Rich.” — Keith Hedger, Cambridge MA

“I received my copy of Scale Force  yesterday, and I am very impressed! This is a wonderful piece of work, well written, concise and comprehensive. Finally, fundamentals clearly explained! And, unlike other books and methods, Scale Force  is a progressive set of studies with well defined explanations and instructions of the anticipated end result. If I would have had this method two years ago, I would be light years ahead of where I am today. Great piece of work Rich!!!” — Jerry Donato, Sun City West, AZ

“Just got Rich’s Scale Force  yesterday and overdid it. Thanks, Rich! I’m always looking for new approaches to learning stuff and this is a great practice aid for me. One complaint, though…either quit writing so many good books so rapidly or offer a subscription plan! I feel obligated to order your new books because they are well written, well edited, and very professionally put together, not to mention great content. Feel free to name a wing of your mansion after me in honor of my investment. Okay, how about the tool shed?” — Bill Karow, Lithia, FL

“Hi Rich, I recently added Scale Force  to the other great books I purchased from Boptism Music Publishing and it is a real winner! Thank you for putting so much time and effort in preparing these wonderful books. You hold nothing back, give credit where credit is due and based on the way the information is presented, genuinely care about the player’s grasp of the material and development. Gracias.” — Ray Feliciano, Union, NJ

“Just got my Scale Force  book in the mail. It’s terrific. A great way to get some scales and intervals under the fingers. Nicely done.” — Paul Morris, Tempe, AZ

“After two weeks of running classes using the new book by Boptism Music called Scale Force, I thought I would post a review. I am using this book with my intermediate and advanced tech classes. The intermediates are doing my regular key routine and at the end the longhand major scale patterns from Scale Force. The advanced students are doing all the Scale Force patterns — one key per week. They love it and I love it. Really fun to play it together. They all said they thought it was going to be great for them and really help with their sight reading and transposition and improvisation to boot. The routine is challenging, especially when you get into 5ths, 6ths, and 7ths for Whole Tone and Diminished scales. You have to read ahead a little further than you do for diatonic major/minor stuff. Plus, if you slur everything it becomes a great flexibility exercise. Our chops all felt really good after blowing through the routine. It takes about 30 minutes to do it all, more if you have to slow way down for unfamiliar keys. This book is cheap and will give you years  of great workout material. Rich hit it out of the park with this one.” — Michael Anderson, Oklahoma City, OK

“Rich…I LOVE this Scale Force! And Michael Anderson is right….as you move into the wider intervals on the whole tone and diminished scales it will really give you a workout….He shoots…He Scores!!!!” — Jerry Cerchia, Chanhassen MN

“Just received the Scale Force  book from Rich (super fast shipping, btw, thanks), and wow! This has to be the best source of scales, arpeggios and everything in between that I’ve ever seen. Really fills in the gaps in Arban’s and other classic methods. Only thing is, he packs in so much material that the font size is kind of small, so all you old duffers better renew your lens prescriptions :). I’d recommend everyone get this thing immediately; you’ll spend the rest of your life just getting through half of it (well, I will at least). Great job, Rich.” — Jon Pankin, Mill Valley, CA

“I just received my Scale Force….incredible….great job, Rich. What a workout! This tool should be in all college trumpet undergraduate classes.” — James Phillips, Buhler, KS


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