The Reinhardt Routines — a total embouchure development plan for Trumpet by Dr. Donald S. Reinhardt (PDF)


A collection of Dr. Donald S. Reinhardt’s brilliant routines compiled, organized, edited, and presented by long-time “Doc” Reinhardt students Dave Sheetz and Rich Willey.

This book gives you a rotating daily plan to address all areas of embouchure development.

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At last, an organized regimen of Reinhardt routines presented in a manner that builds every aspect of your playing: range, endurance, sound, technique, shakes, breathing, articulation, key fluency, tonguing, slurring, multiple tonguing, consistency . . . it’s all here.

For years people have been asking for a collection of Reinhardt routines that would work without the benefit of studying with Reinhardt. Most dedicated Reinhardt students know that’s a tall order, because you can’t just turn a player loose with many of the Reinhardt routines — every routine had a specific purpose and was assigned at a specific time. Reinhardt knew there was no “one size fits all” way of teaching brass players.

But thanks to Dave Sheetz and Rich Willey, a set of routines has been laid out, about half of which are based on his never-before-published revisions to his Manual of Studies. These comprise a rotating Nine Day plan followed by a series of Supplemental Routines (including Reinhardt’s now-famous Warm Up #57), all of which players will benefit from simply by reading the instructions and playing the drills accordingly.

The Reinhardt Routines—a total embouchure development plan has what it takes to develop that embouchure you’ve been dreaming of. It’s all laid out for you right here, at last.

Forty-four pages, you will be able to download the PDF version immediately upon completion of your order.

Customer Comments

“I’ve been practicing out of both the Focal Point  & Reinhardt Routines  books for the past month, maybe, and I have to tell you I’m noticing some really GREAT results! I began this morning with Day 2 in the Reinhardt Routines, and did some of the trio of daily calisthenics as I was going through my day away from the horn. When I came back to play this evening, I felt this wicked change in my chops — in a really good way! I’ve always had a collapsing jaw; anytime I go above high D my bottom jaw just recedes back and it seems like my whole embouchure caves in. I’ve managed a decent range, but I’ve never been able to get any volume on those notes above E-flat. Tonight, I began playing and for some strange reason my bottom jaw was rock solid and didn’t move. Going to to high E’s, F’s & G’s it didn’t collapse and was just solid. My volume wasn’t astoundingly loud, but I’ve never felt this secure going into the upper register. I’m quickly becoming a believer.”
— Steve Beckner, trumpeter, Half Moon Bay, CA

“This book [The Reinhardt Routines]  is a must for all brass players.”
— Bill Gibson, Edwards/Getzen Artist/Clinician, Queen Mary II Queens Room Orchestra trombonist/bandleader

“I recently purchased The Reinhardt Routines  for trombone from Boptism. What a difference 9 days made initially! I’m now in my fourth time through the routines. I never believed my intonation and upper register would ever be this solid. An excellent book. I recommend it to everybody, especially those coming back after a very long layoff.”
— Robert McMurrian, trumpeter

“I am having tremendous success with this book [The Reinhardt Routines] . My chops have never felt better, and the sound is really opening up. I’m playing more efficiently than I ever have in 30-some-odd years of playing. I feel like I’m finally starting to break down the barriers that have kept me from playing MUSIC. I can see now why those who studied firsthand with Dr. Reinhardt respect him so much.”
— Joel Nielsen, trumpeter

“Thanks for a fantastic book [The Reinhardt Routines] .”
— Paul Sharp, Solo-Hornist Deutsche Oper Berlin

“I use these routines every day [The Reinhardt Routines] . They’re great. I’m glad you’ve made them available.”
— Joshua Holder, trumpeter

“Best trumpet book on the planet [The Reinhardt Routines] . After almost 40 years of playing my chops are being revolutionized.”
— Scott Forrey, trumpeter

“This material [The Reinhardt Routines]  is responsible for a huge improvement in my playing; just writing to let you know that it works. I wish I could have met and studied with Reinhardt in person—he sounds like quite a guy. By the way, your publications are some of the highest quality stuff on the market.”
— Kurt Finchum, trumpeter


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