The Ultimate Blues Workout for all 𝄞 treble clef and 𝄢 bass clef instruments by Rich Willey (PDF)


Think you know how to play the blues? Here are 44 different blues (major, minor, & triple meter) in all 12 keys. Each two-page spread has blues for C treble clef, C bass clef, B♭ treble clef & E♭ treble clef instruments.

Download 8 play-along CDs worth of mp3s (two tempos per blues with or without melody) and a full set of MIDI files.

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A thorough workout in the incredibly versatile 12-bar form known as “the blues.” Three kinds of blues in twelve keys plus eight additional blues thrown in just for fun. This volume is designed “for grown-ups” and makes the Aebersold blues volumes look like kindergarten stuff. Guaranteed to challenge and educate while providing the opportunity to have a great time playin’ the blues. Beautifully printed on high-quality paper and GBC comb-bound with protective mylar outer covers.

Here is the breakdown of the 44 different (some are way different) original bebop/jazz blues:
• Major Blues in all 12 keys
• Minor Blues in all 12 keys
• Triple Meter Blues in all 12 keys
• Eight “Extra” Blues

This book will give you a workout unlike any you’ve ever seen! Each two-page spread contains one blues in four transpositions: C treble, C bass, B♭ and E♭. There are also chordal and melodic points of interest throughout.
Your book comes with a page containing a link for you to easily download all the play-along files, enough so you can make 8 play-along CDs (two tempos per blues, choice of melody present or no melody present—over 9½ hours of play-along tracks) plus a complete set of MIDI files to use with Band-In-A-Box or other sequencing programs (for instance, some versions of Windows Media Player allow you to do these at any tempo and Band-In-A-Box lets you do them at any tempo and in any key).

This workout is guaranteed to keep you learning and improving for a long, long time! And, this is probably the biggest complete combo book you can find anywhere for this small of a price.

Click here for the hard-copy book which is ninety pages, printed on high quality paper, GBC comb-bound with heavy (10 ml.) mylar protective covers. When you order this volume in PDF format you will be able to download it immediately upon completion of purchase.

Here are some sample clips:

Blues You Can’t Refuse, 12-bar major blues in A:

Bambloozled, 12-bar minor blues in A♭ minor:

Blue Collar Blues, 12-bar triple meter blues in A:

Blues Guise, 12-bar “Extra” blues in F:


You can view PDF samples here:

Major 12-bar blues sample (Blues You Can’t Refuse, 12-bar major blues in A)
Minor 12-bar blues sample (Bambloozled, 12-bar minor blues in A♭ minor)
Triple Meter 12-bar blues sample (Blue Collar Blues, 12-bar triple meter blues in A)
“Extra” 12-bar blues sample (Blues Guise, 12-bar “Extra” blues in F)

Customer Comments

“My Ultimate Blues Workout  book arrived and it looks great! You’ve put so much work in here…I’m overwhelmed at the amount of material, and I’m really looking forward to shedding all these tunes. Besides that, the amount of play-along tracks is unreal. I think you’ve put together an excellent resource here, Rich!” — Cameron Perret, Ontario, Canada

“Congratulations on another great book! In an age when we have a multitude of people writing books, yours always have very practical and informative subject matter. I have really enjoyed your other books, too, and have recommended them to several bone players in master classes at the Aebersold camp. I told them to go to to find out about The Reinhardt Routines, Focal Point, and especially recommended your Jazz Improv Materials Handbook  and your Melody Lingers On  etude books as tools for developing their improvising and improving their jazz sight-reading.” — Rick Simerly, TN



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