Blue Skies by Irving Berlin ♫ arranged for vocalist + septet by Rich Willey


Do you enjoy hearing old jazz standards perked up with fresh, modern arrangements? Do you have an energetic horn section and rhythm section?

If they’re ready to make your male vocalist sound great, then this arrangement will breathe new life into this historic old song and will delight audiences and jazz listeners alike.


Rich Willey’s arrangement of Blue Skies by Irving Berlin ♫ for vocalist + septet connects with a broad cross-section of listeners. Sung by Al Jolson, this was the first song ever to appear in a talking movie, and audiences have loved it ever since.

In the key of D minor (F major) with a four bar intro into the vocal chorus, this arrangement has solo space before a full ensemble “soli” chorus leading into more solo space before playing the vocal chorus to the ending.

65 written measures, arranged to be played at ♩ = 172, difficulty level intermediate to advanced.

Nice upbeat swing arrangement that has heads nodding, fingers tapping, and gets the dancers out on the dance floor. A real crowd-pleaser.

Septet parts are for trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax, trombone, piano/guitar, bass and drums in a PDF that you’ll be able to download immediately upon submission of your order.

Here is the melody with lyrics (the vocalist’s part):  Blue Skies for vocalist + septet / free vocal PDF

Written solos for any of our charts may be special ordered at a reasonable cost. Email us through our contact page with any and all inquiries.

Listen to sound clips from a rehearsal of Blue Skies  (this was in the key of G or E minor):



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