Boogie Beast ♫ jazz sextet composed and arranged by Rich Willey


Imagine you’re playing a tune at Birdland  in New York City, and Lionel Hampton comes in and listens to you. And imagine that his favorite tune is one that you wrote, and he even asks you if you would make it into a big band chart for him.

That’s exactly what happened with Rich and Boogie Beast. 😊


Audiences love this AABA 48-bar form tune with its catchy & playful melody, interesting chord changes for improvisation and a whimsical feel.

Originally performed by Rich Willey & Boptism at Birdland in NYC and later arranged for the Lionel Hampton Big Band.

This will be the tune your audience leaves the theater whistling.

Tempo is ♩ = 144, 60 written measures, difficulty level intermediate to advanced, performance length depends on number of soloists.

Parts for trumpet, tenor sax, trombone and rhythm section come in a PDF that you’ll be able to download immediately upon submission of your order.

Written solos for any of our charts may be special ordered at a reasonable cost. Email us through our contact page with any and all inquiries.

♫ Listen to Rich playing this arrangement live with a sextet:

Rich Willey on trumpet, Jed Levy on tenor sax, Rick Simerly on trombone, Bill Gerhardt on piano, Zack Page on bass, and Jeff Brillanger on drums.


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