Clip Clop Mogul ♫ written by Rich Willey and arranged for funk band by The Amazing Wally Minko

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Are your players fairly advanced when it comes to playing ensembles but still relatively inexperienced when it comes to improvising?

Clip Clop Mogul could be the perfect chart for them as the parts are challenging but the blowing changes are pretty simple.

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Clip Clop Mogul  ♫ written by Rich Willey and arranged for funk band by The Amazing Wally Minko. A simple and playful melody inspired by the clip clop of horses hooves combined with the allure of the hip hop mogul resulted in Clip Clop Mogul. If you don’t get the connection don’t worry, nobody else does, either.

202 measures, ♩ = 136, difficulty level intermediate. Very simple blowing changes but somewhat involved horn parts with the lead trumpet going up to high D.

Written with solo space for Hammond B3 Organ and Bass Trumpet but easily opened up for other soloists.

All our funk band charts have similar instrumentation, and this chart calls for:
Trumpet 1
Trumpet 2
Trumpet 3
Tenor Sax
Valve Trombone
Bass Trumpet
Hammond B3 Organ
Electric Guitar
5-String Electric Bass
Drum Set

This chart comes in a PDF that you’ll be able to download immediately upon submission of your order.

Here is the entire track from the Rich Willey’s Boptism Funk Band Conspiracy  CD: