3. Skype Lessons: Jazz Improv (first lesson)


Learning jazz improv seems overwhelming without having somebody help guide you through it. Since Louis Armstrong every jazz musician has had a mentor or some person to help explain things.

Rich Willey knows how to get you on your way from ground zero to steadily improving.



The only prerequisite for these lessons is that you have a copy of my Jazz Improv Materials Handbook Complete.
Since that book traces the steps I took in learning how to go from not being able to improvise at all to being reasonably proficient at it, that is also the way I teach improvisation. I will walk you through the entire regimen, offering tips and anecdotes based on first-hand experience with learning to improvise.

These lessons usually last a minimum of three hours, and if they go over, no extra charge. Lessons are scheduled at a mutually convenient time.


 “I learned a lot, in just a couple of sessions with Rich. His approach to jazz improvisation is one that has finally put me on track. Coming from a classical background, it’s not as easy to learn improvisation. I do believe that a lot of it is feel, but having the right tools to get there is really important.” — Bruce Lee, trumpeter, Northern Brass

“I absolutely endorse Rich and recommend him highly. He’s a consummate gentleman, a great player, an excellent instructor and has a wonderful sense of humor. I feel quite privileged to be able to know him and call him a friend.” — Bill Mirrielees, NC


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