1. Skype Lessons: Orientation and Analysis (brass instruments)


Rich Willey, a devoted student of the late, legendary brass pedagogue Dr. Donald S. “Doc” Reinhardt, teaches trumpet and trombone students according to his eight years of private study with “Doc” (including attendance at two of Reinhardt’s three-day teacher’s clinics) from 1978 through 1986.



Rich Willey, a devoted student of Dr. Donald S. “Doc” Reinhardt, teaches trumpet and trombone students according to what he learned during his eight years of private study with “Doc” (including attendance at two of Reinhardt’s three-day teacher’s clinics). Thanks to today’s technology and programs like Skype, online trumpet lessons and online trombone lessons are now a viable alternative to travelling great distances.

Rich offers “chops” (brass embouchure) and/or “improv” lessons (jazz improvisation) online as well as in person.
“Orientation & Analysis” . . . First Lesson (chops)
This is your first lesson period, typically three hours in length. You’ll need to submit video clips of yourself doing the following slurs (concert pitches):

1) tuning note B♭ to low B♭ many times back and forth;
2) high B♭ to tuning note B♭ many times back and forth;
3) high B♭ to low B♭ many times back and forth.

Send a reasonably close up view from your right side: these need to be sent to [email protected] at least 24 hours before the mutually convenient time that we schedule for you.

In the minutes before your lesson, you will receive a hi-res PDF file (42 pages) via email to print out so we can get you headed toward successful and rewarding brass playing. Your PDF file contains publisher-quality materials (as well as some of the sheets that “Doc” Reinhardt himself gave Rich) for you to practice in the coming weeks and months and will dramatically transform your playing.

If the lesson goes over three hours, so be it, no extra charge.
Here’s a “testimonial” from a student in Boston:
“Rich Willey is a fantastic teacher. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to brass playing, improvisation and general musicianship. He has great insight into practically every aspect of technique one can think of, and can explain complex things in a clear and simple way. His performance experience is quite impressive, playing with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Maynard Ferguson and Mel Tormé among others. He offers great advice on building a career as a professional musician. Any time I’ve had a question about my playing, Rich always knew what to do. Before the first lesson, Rich has you send video-clips of yourself playing a few scales and lip-slurs, then he puts together a booklet with personalized exercises and information for you. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their playing.” — Josh Mizruchi, trumpet, Boston, MA
Here’s a “testimonial” from a student in the U.K.:
Hello my name is Jeff, I’m a trombonist from London and I have just had an online lesson with Rich Willey. For brass players in England or the Continent who want to study a brass “method” from someone who had direct experience from a recognised master, like Rich did, this is a fantastic way to work.

We used Skype so we could see and hear each other fine. We had a few technical hiccups but they didn’t spoil or get in the way of the lesson.

Here are the benefits as I see them:
1. No $$$$ with airfare and hotels!
2. No tiredness from travelling, just arrange a mutually convenient time to get together.
3. No missed gigs because you are away.
4. Much better than just working with “the book.”

On a personal note I found Rich a lovely guy to work with. He is clear and succinct, very encouraging, demonstrated everything patiently and gave clear direction.

I’m really excited about getting on with the studies he sent over to me on PDF files.

If anyone else is considering working on the Reinhardt method I would heartily recommend both online lessons and Rich’s teaching. — Jeff Williams
Here are a couple more reports from players who have studied with Rich via Skype:

“Hey, Rich, I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that this stuff is really working. I’m starting to really find those “legs” and that’s sort of a revelation in itself. The odd thing is that when my legs feel the most secure and the sound is the best, my jaw is almost completely shut. Well, I just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks and let you know that I’m diligently working on this stuff, it’s working and I’m looking forward to my next lesson! Thanks! — Jackie”
“Rich, Just thought I would update you. Since my Skype lesson I have been doing the warmups and ten test drills every day. It is paying off at rehearsals and gigs so I hope the improvement continues. Never had F’s and G’s before, and the upper register is so much easier. Tuesday I played lead for 2 hours in the morning with Swing City and then another 2 hours that evening with Rhythm Docs. The last piece was the Doc Severinson Tonight show version of In the Mood. Played solidly through it including some jazz and finished strong at the end on a bunch of E♭’s. Felt like I was still fresh and ready to keep going. We are playing a job tonight and Friday night, all lead, so this is coming in handy. Will let you know when I am ready for another lesson. Thanks! — Larry”
For more information about Skype lessons, contact Rich through our contact page here at boptism.com.


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