Dancing Hippo by Rich Willey arranged by Gordon Goodwin

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Dancing Hippo is a relaxed funk tune written by Rich Willey & arranged by Gordon Goodwin.

This chart has ample solo opportunities and a written soli for your bass player and your featured soloist.

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Dancing Hippo  by Rich Willey & arranged by Gordon Goodwin is a relaxed funk tune with an A and B section that are a tritone apart. These deceptively challenging chord changes will feature your soloists during an open solo section (with or without solo backgrounds).

Written for five saxophones, five trumpets (solo 5th trumpet part can be played on trumpet, flugelhorn or bass trumpet), four trombones, piano, guitar, bass, drums and added percussionist. There are no doubles for any of the wind instruments in this chart.

The lead trumpet part goes up to a three leger-line E. This tune is somewhere between a Grade 4.5 and 5.5. Chart length is 188 written bars, tempo is ♩ = 144 and the score is 23 pages.

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Here is how this chart sounds as played by Rich Willey’s Boptism Big Band:


Dan Higgins — 1st Alto Saxophone
Brian Scanlon — 2nd Alto Saxophone
Bob Sheppard — 1st Tenor Saxophone
Jeff Driskill — 2nd Tenor Saxophone
Jay Mason — Baritone Saxophone (soloist)

Dan Fornero — Lead Trumpet
Wayne Bergeron — 2nd Trumpet
Rob Schaer — 3rd Trumpet
Tony Bonsera — 4th Trumpet

Alex Iles — Lead Trombone
Andy Martin — 2nd Trombone
Steve Holtman — 3rd Trombone
Bill Reichenbach — Bass Trombone

Wally Minko — Keyboards
Andrew Synowiec — Guitar
Edwin Livingston — Bass
Peter Erskine — Drums
Joey DeLeon — Percussion

Recorded January 3rd, 2019, Conway Studios, Los Angeles, CA, engineered by Tommy Vicari

Rich Willey & Gordon Goodwin

Photo by Angela Fornero